Equifax Hacked & Irma is on her way!

Since the last time I wrote a 5 for Friday, none of my clients won the lottery (my fingers were crossed); the Eclipse came and went (so cool); and I have learned who the people are in my life that should have been career meteorologists.

Thanks to IRMA for determining the App of the Week!

Prepare, plan, and stay informed.
Emergency Plan / Kit advice included.

Quote of the Week

"Here I am. Rock you like a Hurricane". -Who said it first? IRMA or the Scorpions?

Story of the Week

Equifax Breach - Cyberhack resulted in approximately 143 MILLION people's personal information being compromised. Yes, Equifax, the company that virtually every aspect of your credit gets reported to, apparently did not have significant security measures in place. A "low difficulty" breach will have all of us keeping a much closer eye on our credit reports. BTW, if you signed up for a free year of credit monitoring from Equifax, the fine print says that you agree to omit yourself from any class action lawsuits... darn that fine print.

Credit Karma (ad supported)... Yes, another App.

I don't usually mention two apps in one writing... However, given the above story, I feel obligated to say DO SOMETHING proactive. Don't just look at your score. Look at all the accounts that make up the score. Your bank or some other entity may offer a similar service. 

Financial TIP

I have several clients that have an additional brokerage account with me, just for checking purposes. This is a streamlined approach where recurring transfers can be instantly made internally to/from the account I'm trading stocks & ETF's in. It also allows for the client to receive a Debit Card and/or check-book, free of charge. For people that aren't tied to their bank, this can be a good solution. The app also allows for mobile deposits. Perhaps you'd like to talk with your advisor about making this arrangement... or perhaps you'd like to talk to me :)

Investing Made Personal.

Thanks for reading & have a great weekend!

Phillip Hanks
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