Investing. Made Personal.

Investing. Made Personal.

Independent. Fiduciary. Fee-Only.

Best Interests

Independent. Fee-Only. Financial Advisor. This means that we make decisions that we believe to be best for you. At the end of the day, much of that comes down to our business model and the planning process.

Risk/Return Optimization

We optimize clients portfolios based on their risk tolerance, needs analysis, projected returns, and monitoring for portfolio allocation drifts from tactical weighting targets.

Nothing Hidden

There’s no hidden agenda. We're not commission based. We function in a high transparency environment. We target very low expense ratios for our client's accounts.


Everyone is busy. Life gets in the way. We make it easier to get it done.

Meet Virtually or In Person

We use Zoom video conferencing to do web-meetings, screen shares, statement reviews, etc. For people that prefer to physically go to meetings, you can come to our Oak Ridge, NC office.

For appointments after hours, call me directly at 336-803-2825.

Navigate your financial life with confidence.

$100k-$250k in Investable Assets

$250k-$1 Mil in Investable Assets

Over $1 Mil in Investable Assets

Do you have a high-income but minimal assets? -Yet you need planning services now? Fixed or Hourly financial planning might be the right place to start.

*We have no minimums for investment management.


Investment Management Pricing

First $500,000 is 1% per year.

Amounts over $500,000 is 0.25% per year.

Annual pricing is paid quarterly, in arrears, based on end of quarter account values. Amounts based upon “AUM” (Assets Under Management).

Financial Planning Pricing

Pricing Varies depending upon complexity and other factors, including whether fixed fee or hourly. Depending upon amount of assets under management, financial planning may be included at no extra charge.