Wealth Management Process

Holistic Wealth Management

Start... with knowing where you are today and where you want to go. Beyond your assets, what are your goals? What do you aspire to accomplish in this life, and what do you want your legacy to be? Goals may be sending kids to college, charitable work, retirement, business growth, mergers and acquisitions, etc. We take a disciplined, personal, yet high-tech approach to gathering the details.

Disciplined Framework

Execute... the strategy through a framework of recommendations, savings directives, insurance needs, and investment strategies. We also evaluate tax and estate planning strategies. This serves as a model for making objective decisions as to allocating your assets specific to your dreams and aspirations.

Planning doesn’t stop with the initial plan. Our planning strategy is dynamic and evolving. Needs change. Wants change. Building on the foundation of your plan, we meet with high net worth clients at least yearly, if not quarterly, and touching base at least once a month to provide the best service possible.