4:00 pm16:00

Ridgefest Sponsor! Ride around the Park!

  • oak ridge town park

Bring your kids and stop by our tent at Ridgefest 2016. As an active Merchants of Oak Ridge board member also serving on Parks and Rec, I can't tell you how excited I am about Ridgefest 2016!

We will be sponsoring Rides Around the Park on a fire-engine/train ride JUNE 5 - we will be positioned at the start/stop of the train. All aboard!


5:30 pm17:30

Black Oak 101 - Just 4 FUN Investment Social

  • bistro 150

Join us at Bistro 150 in Oak Ridge - for some hors d'oeuvres, social time, and a brief presentation on our approach to investment management. Bring a friend. Find out about Black Oak Wealth Management & its owner, Phillip Hanks, and what makes us breath of fresh air for clients. We do Investment Management & Financial Planning. A lot of people out there have no idea that a traditional advisor under a broker-dealer model has no obligation to invest in someone's best interest.
Conversely, as a Registered Investment Advisor, Black Oak Wealth Management is held to the highest standards of ethics. We're very transparent, client-centric, high tech, and relationship driven. We do 401k/ IRA Rollovers and traditional investment accounts. We invest our clients in a completely customizable, balanced portfolio, of stocks, bonds, and ETFs. If you have mutual funds in your account, you may not realize the hidden costs. We'll break down what you're doing now, and see if making a change makes sense for you.

RSVP Below (everyone except for competitors are WELCOME!) - If you're a competitor, we're hiring experienced client first reps, so give us a call.



6:30 pm18:30

(local/non-company) Music In The Park

Please Join Me in listening to the Radials (Rock/High Energy) at Music In the Park. Sponsored by Oak Ridge Parks & Rec and the Town of Oak Ridge. At the Oak Ridge, NC town park amphitheater. (note: Phillip Hanks, financial advisor, is on the Parks & Rec Committee)

6:30 pm18:30

(non-company event) Music In the Park - Tyler Miller Band

  • Oak Ridge Town Park

Blue/Pop/Southern Rock will be at Oak Ridge Town Park. This is opening day for the park with the new Amphitheater. Come join us for a great time! Sponsored by Oak Ridge Town Parks & Rec and Town of Oak Ridge.

Note: Phillip Hanks, Financial Advisor, is on the Parks & Rec Committee for Oak Ridge, NC

5:30 pm17:30

Merchants Mixer

  • Rio Grande

If you live in the NorthWest Guilford/ Kernersville area, I'd love to have you as my guest at the Merchants Mixer this Thursday at 5:30pm. Shoot me a message if interested in attending.